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Christopher Presents: True Life, I . . .

I’m off! (at Chicago O’Hare International)


everything personal

Reflections II


Rollin Rollin Rollin

HAIM - Don’t Save Me


#Selling two: #Adonit Jot Script #Evernote Edition #stylus’ - $65 each. Basically new, only used a few times. They run on AAA batteries and pair to iPad and iPhone. Nothing wrong with them, I just don’t use it. Message me on any network for more details!

What a cute table! (at Genesee County Parks NY)


The only way out is down.

As Above/So Below. In theaters August 29.


What do you find tempting that others might find strange? “When I see a crunchy leaf, I have to step on it.” - Female, 21, Oregon

Created by David Brandon Geeting

The tree with the largest simple leaf in North America is the bigleaf magnolia. Its leaf can grow up to 35 inches long.

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